Background information

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT) was established in November, 2003.
GIFT is a consortium of grass roots community groups coming together with the purpose of delivering innovative community initiatives. GIFT is the umbrella organisations set up to capacity build, train and support the partner organisations.

GIFT’s mission is changing lives, changing futures in the community it serves.

The aim of GIFT is to support young people, men and women from diverse range of communities to access education and to tackle a range of issues that affect their access, performance and progression into education, training and employment.

GIFT’s approach is to provide a holistic service particularly for young people who are at risk of falling out of the education system with little or no qualification, in particular those at risks of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Long Term Impact

[metaslider id=554]Below are some of the stories from our beneficiaries and volunteers who have engaged with Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT)

 “I first came to GIFT when I was 14 years old for Saturday School, although I stopped attending Saturday School, they remained in my life, as a place where I could go for guidance and advice”

 “When I left school and needed help writing my CV they were there, when I left College and needed help applying for jobs GIFT were there, and even when I decided that I wanted to go into self employment they were there to help me!”

 “GIFT have been a consistently helpful presence, with a wealth of contact and resources that can greatly benefit the lives of young people who seek guidance and help”

Chavez 2018