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Welcome to GIFT Academy

As we enter our 21st year, we aim to expand our work within Greater Manchester in keeping with our growth and our commitment to: “moving out of the box”. 

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT) specialises in offering educational and training services to all sections of the community. GIFT aims to provide professional services for adults, families and young people, who may be without the financial means to find such quality advice for themselves. Our projects are mainly run from our Manchester office offering Mentoring, Supplementary School Service, Family Mediation, and Personal Development Training to help clients/service users to reach their full potential in education, employment and training. As we enter our 16th year we aim to expand our work within Greater Manchester in keeping with our growth and our commitment to: “moving out of the box”.

GIFT Academy – Activities Schedule


Activities take place Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm by booking an appointment or session.

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You can email us, phone/WhatsApp us, visit or send a post using the information on our contact page, including using contact/query form.

GIFT Academy Services

Supplementary school - GIFT Academy Celebration and Achievements

GIFT Academy School

The GIFT Academy aims to work towards the social inclusion of young people through the provision of education and training…

Employment / Employability and Enterprise Training Services

Employability and Enterprise Training

We provide a programme designed to help unemployed adults overcome obstacles preventing them from attaining employment.


School computer class with teacher

Mediation, Mentoring

GIFT may provide additional services such as mediation to help young people and their families to resolve conflict within the home and school and mentoring / mentor training to support and motivating Not in Employment.

GIFT Academy Partners

We work in partnership with multiple other organisations in order to provide you with the widest variety of and the best services possible.

The partnership with One Manchester will enable GIFT to build on its service delivery model which can respond to the changing needs of our community as follows:

  • localise support services in a community setting
  • Increased educational attainment and employability
  • Increased confidence and well-being for local residents and young people
Sport England
Near Neighbours - Bringing People Together
One Manchester