Beauty & Skin care Workshop Jun 2018

Jul 5, 2018

Beauty & Skin Care Session

Our follow up session at the Manchester Foyer took place a couple of weeks ago. This time Beauty & Skin care was on the agenda.

My colleague Satisha facilitated the workshop as this is an area she specializes in with a wealth of experience behind her. Once the girls got acquainted with one another and the introductions had finished they were ready to soak up the content on offer at this interactive workshop.

First the group were taught the basics about skin and how to develop a simple healthy skin care regime. It turned out some of the girls already had some sort of routine in place and for others this was new territory. It wasn’t long  before everyone in the group was joyfully examining their reflections in the mirrors provided and identifying their skin types.

Satisha went on to discuss the principles of skin nutrition which happens to be the master key to maintaining healthy skin. The group was given an overview of a variety of skincare products in the market along with recommendations on how to treat your skin throughout the seasonal changes, which they appreciated.

Of course, the session couldn’t come to a close without touching on easy natural D.I.Y solution tips the girls could implement into their personal regime that were cost effective. Overall the girls who took time out to attend the workshop really enjoyed the session and expressed an interest in coming to upcoming workshops we have in store.

Now I’m no expert in this area but Id like to make a proclamation; make sure you drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough sleep. I couldn’t resist  throwing in my two pence.



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