GIFT Academy School Service

GIFT Academy SchoolThe GIFT Academy aims to work towards the social inclusion of young people through the provision of education and training. This service offers out of school provision for young people aged 8 to 16 years old. The activities consist of study skills to assist children with homework and examination preparation to reinforce foundation skills needed to access the core curriculum.

The GIFT Academy is an established and valued educational resource within the local community and is now in its seventh year of operation. It offers up to eight hours per week of extra-curricular tuition, delivered by qualified teaching staff in core National Curriculum subjects at Saturday School and Afterschool Club sessions throughout the academic year. Approximately 50 – 60 young people attend the service each week, and receive support in increasing their confidence, self-esteem and personal aspirations.

We welcome all children from a diverse number of backgrounds so please feel free to enquire about how we can best meet your needs by ordering or picking up our brochure from our Manchester office.