Inter-generational Digital Project

The Inter-generational Digital project is about transformation life changes that will engage young people working alongside older community members to make positive life changes in their physical and mental wellbeing through Information Technology (IT).   The project will encourage young people to undertake personal development activities and the opportunity to progress to further education and training and community action.

Local communities will have the opportunity to undertake taster sessions in the following areas:

  • IT Fundamentals,
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing,
  • Web programming, using Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Databases,
  • Music (Introduction to Songwriting, Introduction to Music,
  • Digital Content
  • creating content to the digital world

This will help to achieve the following:

  • to improve basic skills and increase confidence of participants
  • to provide new skills and develop employability, help with fitting in within a world that is more global/international
  • to increase confidence, creativity and wellbeing.


The project will help to develop more inter-generational work between the young people and the wider community members to help empower young people to build stronger relationships and becoming active citizens.