GIFT Mentoring, Sports and Leadership Training

Three people in computer room typing and smilingThe aim of this service is to provide to help young people to develop activities that will divert them off the streets. The young people will develop programmes to reduce anti-social behaviour, and move away from increasing crime that is affecting their community. The young people will design, develop and manage personal development workshops and activities that will tackle peer pressure to address issues affecting them and to identity ways of tackling them. Some of the activities will address health, education, stress and improve life skills, using sports and vocational activities. This programme will enable young people to develop leadership skills, voice their opinion and give them the opportunity to develop activities that will help with their personal development.

We aim to target 11 – 16 years and 17 – 24 age groups. The activities involve developing their skills for adulthood by helping them to be responsible for their own lives and others.