GIFT Mentors Training Service

Employment and EnterpriseThis service is serving primarily NEET (not in employment, education or training) young people in supporting and motivating them to positively improve their lives by turning away from crime and re-engaging with self-improvement activities. These can vary from sport, education and training options as well as employment. The service is delivered by trained mentors on a referral basis.

The mentoring relationship increases the confidence and self-esteem of their mentees, and helps them to find realistic employment, education or training options that are sustainable and suitable to their needs and ambitions.

The service aims to:

  • Provide a positive role model to a young person who is NEET
  • To help them to identify their aims and ambitions for the future to move towards EET (employment, education or training)
  • To develop action plans to help them meet these ambitions
  • To motivate young person to engage with realistic training and employment opportunities.
  • To work with partner agencies to complement the support needed to help get young people back on track.

The service supports young people who may have many issues that are barriers to them accessing employment and education. This includes having a lack of motivation, confidence, or self-esteem. We have a dedicated team of coordinators, mentors and partners who can provide support with confidence.
We have an ongoing recruitment for volunteers who are willing to provide support to young people who are experiencing disadvantage in developing their education and career aspirations. GIFT currently has Mentors drawn from the local community with a diverse range of backgrounds who can relate and respond to local needs. They have a range of knowledge within the employment sector, in teaching, construction, social work, sport and arts.

GIFT has established a close working relationship with Greater Manchester Talent Match, Connexions, Youth Offending Service citywide, raising awareness about our services and developing working partnerships for referrals and signposting.
If you feel you could work as a mentor, supporting and encouraging a young person and would like to find out more about gaining a qualification in Mentoring Practice please see our recruitment page.