Faith Groups

Faith Groups: Coming Together and Providing Support

Church of God Of Prophecy is one of the leading Black denomination- led congregations in Moss Side. The church congregation reflects a very strong African and Caribbean lifestyle in praise and worship. It extends its pastoral care in the socio-cultural life and needs of the Moss Side life and work. Over the years its outreach activities include education and training as well as social welfare for church and community members and for children and young people. “Street Pastors” are just one of the initiatives undertaken by the church to take its work into local communities. Though having new members there are also some of the congregation who have been involved with the Church for over 50 years providing the Church itself with a real ‘family feel’.

Trinity Church at Amani Centre is based at the Hideaway in Moss Side.
There is a Coffee Morning Drop in that is held every Thursday. The members are from mixed mainly Caribbean backgrounds. The group go on trips together, have various activities and also worship together on Sundays. The Church had been known as United People’s Church and before that had been known as Moss Side Baptist Church. The Hideaway Youth Centre was first started by members of Moss Side Baptist Church – who cleared out a cellar for young people to use which got dubbed a ‘hideaway’. The members who first got involved stated that it helped when coming to the UK for the first time it helped to meet other people in the same situation and provide friendship and support.