Chavez Finlayson

Jan 24, 2017

I was born on 29.6.96, I lived at the back of Ducie High School until I was 2 yearrs old and then moved to Fallowfield. The area was relatively a quiet area, people say bad things about it, although it wasn’t as notorious as Moss Side. Things began to calm down. I don’t really think there was such a community spirit as Moss Side. We would only really associate with the next door neighbour. At my Granddads in Moss Side there was friends and family across the road. There was a tight group going on, all the kids would come together in the street to play. Happy times, fond memories of childhood. You could say I lived both in Moss Side and Fallowfield really. For a long time I believed everything I was told, believe in God, go to Kingdom Hall, it was my duty. As you get older you get into your own. I personally distanced myself, now I don’t really believe in those things too much. Religion has caused a lot of conflict. Certain people think they are of a higher level of thinking.

I feel like Manchester, when I look back it seemed livelier.

A lot of stuff our parents did at their age has a knock on effect for us. A lot of people my age don’t go out much, their into their own thing. Everyone is literally in their phone. Choosing internet of social interaction. I’m not saying technology is a bad thing, just the way it can affect certain people. Social Media is good for seeing other people’s views; it can be a double edge sword.

When I look at pictures of Alex Road, there were a lot of people, a lot of shops, community. My Mum and Uncle tell me stories; the elders say it was better. Even though I wasn’t there I can tell it was better then. It’s down to us, like when people say ‘oh no one goes Carnival’ it’s down to us to do things for ourselves.


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