Seetec Employability Day Event

Jul 19, 2017

Seetec employment dayGIFT had the pleasure of being invited to Seetec’s Employability Day Event which took place on Friday 14th of July in Manchester city centre. Between 9:30 am and 1 pm GIFT, along with various other providers from across the city had the chance to let people from the wider community who are seeking employment know about accessing provisions they may be eligible for.

On the day GIFT partnered up with Highway Hope a community charity based in Levenshulme in order to provide a diverse range of valuable volunteering opportunities open to the public. Being able to speak to a wide range of people from various backgrounds who share a common objective in terms of accessing employment , improving their prospects of being hired and sustaining economic stability was simultaneously beneficial and rewarding. We was able to promote Talent Match for those aged between 18- 24 which is a Big Lottery funded program designed to help young people get into employment, education or training. Our supplementary school gained interest also as we came across a few individuals from teaching backgrounds who wanted to help assist children build foundation and study skills.

I believe all parties involved would deem the event productive and agree Seteec did a marvelous job hosting and organising it. We look forward to connecting with the individuals who found the services we offer appealing.



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