Community Experts

20 tables of Community experts for 20 CALM workshops:

  1. 4Lunch:  a multi-award-winning social enterprise that has been cooking with communities in Greater Manchester since 2013: At 4Lunch, we believe in the joy and excitement cooking, sharing and eating brings to all. It is our mission here at 4Lunch to create social change within communities by unlocking the power of food through our innovative Cook Inspire Change workshops and programmes. Our workshops are engaging, experimental and educational. Our tutors are full of energy and enthusiasm about food, and we simply love what we do! Amy will deliver 2 x 30 minute workshops in food, health and well being.
  2. African Caribbean Mental Health Service (ACMHS) – Health and Wellbeing
  3. Alys.witch – Arts and Media tch0586/about_us
  4. Anjum Homeopath Health and WellBeing
  5. Carol Townsend – Carol is a qualified counsellor and also specialised in personal development, particularly around strengthening relationships. Carol’s background is in domestic abuse and have recognised that when individuals lose their identity, they can lose themselves in any relationship, whether intimate, family, friendship or at work. Carol have a wealth of information for moving individuals on to healthy relationships, building their confidence and self-esteem. This workshop will offer a taster session in personal development for strengthening relationships.

  6. Dynamic Heights Business Enterprise, Employability and Training

  7. Empress Divine Workshop:  Body MOT Biochemical Assessment – Theme: Healing Inside Out
  8. Freelance Content Writer Suad Kelkal Arts and Media
  9. Heart 2 heart – The Power of Self Esteem Introduction
    The Power of Self Esteem Introduction is an experiential journey into the mind. We look at ways the mind influences and controls our self-esteem as to what we believe, think and feel about ourselves. The session looks into what we say about ourselves so we can learn keeping telling the truth about ourselves.
  10. Highway Hope Business Enterprise, Employability and Training
  11. i2ie Childminding Training and Consultancy  Education, Mentoring and Coaching
  12. Inside Track Employment (ITEM) Business Enterprise, Employability and Training
  13. Just Psychology Health and Wellbeing
  14. Kingdom Community Courses: Working specifically with helping young adults in the area of purpose fulfilment to facilitate social transformation: Kingdom Community would like to deliver two half hour stand-alone workshops. Lisa-Anne will be speaking on the topic “Keys to Success.” It will address keys to a successful life while influencing and transforming society.
  15. Keem Youth Shout Out (KYSO) Education, Mentoring and Coaching –  Keem Youth Shout Out helps young people in the community that don’t have anything to do during the evening & holiday time and would normally be hanging on the street corners or bored! There are normally young people who don’t have enough support at home because of problems or parents not having enough knowledge to help them with homework or school work or not having the internet – we support with this. Keem Youth Shout Out is a supportive organisation that will help to break barriers with some young people and offer a range of activities such as Drama & Music Workshops & Confidence building!

    Keem Youth Shout Out is a youth organisation that is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either not already engaged in performing arts/projects. The goal of the organisation is to identify and help young people who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the young people to make positive changes in his/her life.

  16. Kemoy will be presenting/performing during the afternoon session

  17. M & O Coaching Business Enterprise, Employability and Training/ Education, Mentoring and Coaching
  18. Making Education a Priority (MEaP) Education, Mentoring and Coaching
  19. ME1 Positive Personal Development Ltd Education, Mentoring and Coaching
  20. Mothers Against Violence: Business Development workshops: Mothers Against Violence will be running a workshop which is a taster version of their business development course
  21. Sidnie Cocoture Arts and Media – Sidnie the C.E.O of Sidnie Co Couture proposes to produce a workshop to develop self-esteem using clothing and role play as the focus. We will utilise specific outfits in order to achieve and accomplish full immersion in the characters of the role play during the workshop.

    Background – Sidnie have been established in fashion design and production for several years, after obtaining a degree from Salford. During the running of her business, Sidnie ha continued to self-develop over the years and completed a business course at Manchester Business School, attend a Masters from MMU in fashion design and production development, and completed teacher training certificate. Sidnie has explored “More to Life” the Z course and most recently completed ‘skills in counselling’. She has experience in most aspects of the fashion business, from design, cut make and trim production, made to measure, styling and photo shots, costume production for both film and theatre.

    This workshop will combine Sidnie’s knowledge of fashion, clothing and self-esteem.

  22. Tiki Black: The music workshop provides an insight into music and the music business for aspiring music professionals and music lovers alike ( The digital workshop gives a taster of creating web pages with html, css, javasript… and how digital skills can help support your personal and professional development to become the difference in the digital world.